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Business Intelligence

We assess the state of Business Intelligence in your organisation, using the Gartner BI Maturity Model for reference. We then tailor a governance model and BI Roadmap to fit your requirements and business drivers.

Many BI operations are stuck with outdated approaches to BI software development, making them inflexible, unnecessarily expensive, and risky. Emperks Web Technologies uses a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (DevOps) approach for all development, treating Business Intelligence as first-class software. Automation, from source control through to testing and release, makes BI reliable and repeatable.

Agile Business Intelligence

Knowledge workers often don’t know what they want until they’ve seen it. Building on our expertise in agile software development, we use an example-driven requirements gathering process - Business Event Analysis and Modelling for star schemas (BEAM*) - to communicate effectively early in the process. This significantly reduces the time and effort involved in refining to the right solutions. We then complete development with a customer-focused, collaborative, and iterative process.